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Experience of the CUBE Team

Experience of the CUBE Team

Pre-sale of CUBE starts today.
Today I will be posting a review about the experience of the CUBE Team.

The CUBE team had previously worked on creating an OS for Cell-phones. Wipi is that. Wipi was an OS for Cell-phones that was used by Samsung and LG until just before the spread of smartphones. At the time, there were only three OSs for Cell-phone worldwide. Samsung and LG made Cell-phone using wipi developed by Cube Team.

The next thing to notice is the X-Road. CUBE has long been involved in integrating IT and automobiles. X-Road is a vehicle navigation company that sold hundreds of thousands of units in 2007 at a price of $ 400. (1)(2)

The next CUBE team's experience is Green-Car. (3)(4) It is also a car-sharing company that combines IT and automobiles. Green-car acquired by Huge company Lotte. (5) (6) It is the TOP2 car sharing company in the Korean market even at the time of sale. We have taken the lead in realizing a shared economy through this Gre…

Deloitte conference

Successful Deloitte conference

CUBE finished the Deloitte conference today. The reactions from the participants were very hot. Thank you all.

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Cube Intelligence Pre-sale is coming!!

Cube Intelligence Pre-sale is coming!!1st Dec 2017, 15:01 UTC Pre-Sale CAP 18,000 ETH with 20% of bonus!
We are live on:

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Cube Intelligence Ltd - Blockchain Based Security Platform for Autonomous Vehicles

Welcome to Cube Intelligence Ltd :)The Blockchain technology has the potential to change the autonomous car security forever. 

A brand new platform from Cube Intelligence Ltd team that connects blockchain technology,  with Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Hash Cryptography technology. 

Cube Intelligence Ltd's ICO Pre-Sale starts Dec 1 till Dec 7! 

You can find more info on our website